The KV Shore

Okay, I’ve done so much in the last three days it’s ridiculous. I’ll give the Reader’s Digest version so I’m not here all night typing away.

We arrived at our hotel in Kamena Vourla, and I couldn’t believe how nice it was. There are two pools, a huge lobby w/ internet access, buffets for breakfast and dinner with amazing food, and the Agean Sea across a two lane road. On the same street as the hotel are an impressively large variety of cafes, bars, restaurants, and grocery/convenience stores. Less than an hour after arrival, everyone threw on their swimsuits and headed for the pool—I couldn’t believe this was where I would be for the better part of five weeks. It’s 90+ every day, with a nice breeze coming off of the coast.

Even during the night, it stays in the high 70’s. Speaking of nighttime, a bunch of us ventured out last night. A huge group of 20 loud American college kids just walking down the street in a small Greek town… we definitely turned a few heads. We eventually found a place to go have drinks, and one of the people in the program negotiated with the owner (like any good business major) and bought us all a round of drinks at half price. We headed home in the wee hours of the morning, and well, let’s just say some people didn’t do so well in class the next morning.

Classes here aren’t too bad. A 2.5 hour block is reserved for each class, but they usually don’t take anywhere near that long. That being said, it’s REALLY hard to take time out of my “busy” day to study.

People who have seen my twitter account will chuckle at this one, because I seem to always tweet about food. But the food here has been incredible. Honey balls ( are all the rage at breakfast. The mere mention that I was blogging about them made everyone down in the lobby instantly turn to me and say “they’re sooo good” with a droned tone. Pretty sure a few of them were foaming at the mouth. Lunch isn’t buffet style, but they serve four courses (including dessert) that I have yet to fully finish. Dinners are 100% gourmet. Some of the things served so far are: veal, rabbit, seafood fettuccini, crepes, and catfish filet, chocolate mousse, and lots of starches. The first night, the waitresses commented to our faculty advisor that we didn’t eat much as a group, so now I’m on a bit of a vendetta to prove them wrong.

I’ve been trying to be on Facebook and Skype during times that people are usually online (late morning or early evening) and I’ve only chatted with a few people on Facebook and Skyped with Kailyn. She’s kind of a big deal on wordpress, for those of you that don’t know. She told me she liked reading my posts. It’s whatever! 😛 Okay people I know it’s ten hours later over here, but even when I account for it, no one seems to be on!

I’m getting pumped for this weekend. Friday we have no class and no activities planned, so it’s pretty much going to be our first free-for-all. Saturday is our daytrip to Delphi, the place thought to be the center of the world by ancient Greeks, and also was the home of the Delphic Oracle and Temple of Apollo. Should make for some pretty cool sightseeing.


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Welp, off to Greece. I thought I would give this blogging thing the ol' college try.
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  1. mom says:

    I love reading your blogs…sounds amazing, gorgeoous and like you are having the time of your life. glad to hear you are eating well.take a pic of your prof too.hugs…mom

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