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It’s been a while, so this blog will be pretty much a memory exercise for me. Let’s see if I’ve taken enough vitamin B12 to cover everything that I’ve done since my last post.

We took a half hour bus ride to Lamia last Saturday (where Achilles and Fotop are from… They’re pretty much the same person) and did some shopping/sightseeing. The next day was spent doing laundry and relaxing before we left for our “Spring Break” in Skiathos.

This five-day vacation was definitely up there in my top vacations ever. We went out to eat amazing food at nice restaurants and dive bars alike. Thankfully, Italian food is abundant in their eastern neighbor’s restaurants. From the first day, I found a place with the absolute best garlic cheese bread I have ever had. And the wings I had there were…

[Get a hold of yourself, Michael. This is not a blog about food.]

The whole group took up the entire hotel, located right across a two-lane road from the marina. My room looked out on an inlet of the Aegean Sea. From the moment I checked in, I had a good feeling about this place. I hadn’t even unpacked, but after eating I immediately headed for the beach and soaked up some rays. The first night, everyone traveled in a big group and went out to a nice restaurant to celebrate two people’s birthdays in the group. It was 100% gourmet, and totally covered by the cost of the trip!

After dinner we all went out. The first bar we found was apparently where all the Scandinavians on the island hung out. All the bartenders were women with blond hair and blue eyes. It was about eleven o’clock and only six other people were in the bar aside from our group. Someone decides to leave and everyone else followed. We regroup and try to figure out a place to go for the night, but motivating 30 people to go to the same place is a bit of a challenge. People got fed up waiting for the group, and some of us split up. Brandon and I find some cigars, but we need a light. We decide to ask the three Greek girls approaching us if they have a lighter, and sure enough they did. We stood and talked for a while. The usual conversations take place: where are you from, what are you doing tonight, etc when an apparently absent-minded Brandon exhales a huge cloud of smoke in one of the girls’ faces. Awkward moment. But they laugh it off and we begin walking and talking. They are going to a nightclub called Kahlua and it sounds like a good time, so we follow. On the way to the club, we passed our hotel, and a short five minutes later we had arrived at a strip of three clubs back-to-back-to-back. Turns out, our entire group had found Kahlua also and we had engulfed the back corner.

The next day, we go just outside of the hotel to find that our “breakfast” was really just coffee/tea, juice, bread, and coffee cake. Water was available on request. It didn’t bother me that much since I’m not big on breakfast, but it seemed a little deceptive. After eating, Brandon and I split a dune buggy and we explored the island for almost seven straight hours. We found hidden beaches at the end of some of the rockiest roads I have ever seen, explored a monastery, and got stuck in the sand at a nude beach only to have the buggy refuse to get in gear, and hear fat old naked men a short distance away laugh at us as our tires kicked up sand.

I’d reached a new low. Naked people were laughing at me, but it was damn funny.

Skiathos also entailed parasailing, sneaking on to the roof of the hotel at night, my first good steak in three weeks, many encounters with British people, a day trip sailing on a catamaran to beaches only accessible by boat, and souvenir hunting.

We got back Friday night and had a newly found appreciation for how awesome our hotel is. Dinner buffets, big rooms, a housekeeping staff of more than one person, and a pool were all huge perks of coming back to Kamena.

We toured a vineyard/winery the next morning, and I bought some vino to bring home to the folks. That night was the fourth, and we celebrated by lighting off a few M-80 like fireworks and going to the carnival just down the street from the hotel. They had bumper cars, carnival mini games, a mini coaster, etc. and I ended up spending 20 euro at this place but it was totally worth it.

Starting back up at school was rough, but I’m getting through it. Yesterday while lying by the pool, my friend Maddie said she wanted to go to Italy while she was here, and I told her that I had that in the back of my mind too. Before I knew how serious she was, she had a group of six people put together looking for a way to make it over to Italy. After five hours of planning and a few headaches, I’m headed for an impromptu weekend in Rome tomorrow morning!


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Welp, off to Greece. I thought I would give this blogging thing the ol' college try.
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